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March 24, 2018
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Reasons Why You Should Form A Union At Your Workplace

With a union contract you gain leverage with your employer, The FACT is, Unions have a substantial impact on the overall lives of their members in a very positive way. Here are some reasons why you should have a unionized workplace.

  1. Unions raise the wages of unionized workers they represent.

  2. Unions increase the fringe benefits of their members, usually to an even greater extent than they increase wages.

  3. Unionized workers receive more generous health benefits than nonunionized workers.

  4. Unionized workers receive better pension plans. Not only are they more likely to have a guaranteed retirement benefit, their employers contribute more toward these pensions.

  5. Unionized workers receive more paid time off (vacations and holidays) than their nonunion counterparts.

  6. Employee turnover is less at a unionized workplace. Simply put, the jobs are better thus employee retention is higher.

  7. Union-represented employees are more productive, on average.

  8. Union employees typically cannot be disciplined or discharged without good reason. In union contracts this is known as “just cause”.

  9. Union employees have a greater “voice” in their workplace and are often more willing to speak up or make suggestions to improve their place of employment.

  10. Increased union membership will help the United States recover from our current economic crisis and help prevent future ones.

  11. Unions have a strong voice in the political arena and work hard to hold elected officials accountable

  12. Unions help narrow the wage gap for women and people of color.

While these are all good reasons to join a union. None of them are the most important one. Above all else, the ability of employees to organize into unions and improve their lives is a fundamental right in democratic societies. It’s a right all humans should have but many don’t. For that reason alone, American workers should band together and exercise their federally protected rights to organize. Most employers don’t like it, but if you’re willing to stand up we at Teamsters Local 41 are willing to help you.

Please contact Roy Nixon, Local 41 organizer at 816.924.2000 Ext 118 or email us for more information at

Learn More Here:

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